Classes and Events

The following programs have been proven to reduce the risk of falling and are offered in Larimer County:

Stepping On – Two hour class once a week for seven weeks – Offers strategies and exercises to reduce falls and increase self-confidence in making decisions and behavioral change in situations where older adults are at risk of falling.  This class is designed for adults who:

  • Are 60 or older

  • Have had a fall in the past year, or have a fear of falling

  • Walk independently, may use a cane or walker

  • Are able participate in a group discussion

  • Live in their own home or other independent living facility

  • Have a desire to learn how to reduce their risk of falling

  • Have a desire to improve balance, flexibility and strength

Tai Chi Length Varies – Improves balance, strength and physical performance for older adults to reduce fall frequencyThis class is designed for adults who:

  • Are 60 or older

  • Live in their own home or independent living facility

  • Can walk easily (limited use of canes and walkers)

  • Interested in a 12-week class to improve balance, flexibility and strength

  • Are able to attend 45-60 minute sessions.

Matter of Balance – Includes eight 2-hour sessions once a week. The class helps to set goals for increasing activity, reduce fall risks at home, view falls as controllable and exercise to increase strength and balance.This class is designed for community- dwelling adults who:

  • Are age 60 or older, ambulatory and able to problem solve

  • Have sustained falls in the past

  • Restrict activities because of concerns about falling

  • Are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength

  • Contains a small amount of exercise.

‘N Balance Twice a week for eight weeks –  Classes focus on sitting, standing and moving balance exercises to improve balance as well as confidence among seniors.  This class is designed for:

  • Older adults aged 60 and older

  • Who can walk easily for at least short distances without a cane or walker

  • Who can stand with feet shoulder width apart, arms across chest and eyes open for 30 seconds

  • Interested in an active 8-week class

  • Are able to participate in 45-60 minute sessions

**Check with your doctor before starting any of these classes as they do involve an exercise component.  

**Services provided by the agencies listed above may have a fee associated.  Please ask for any out of pocket costs associated with the service and whether or not they take your insurance prior to scheduling any appointments.

Chilson Registration-(970) 962-2383

Fort Collins Senior Center Registration-(970) 221-6655

Estes Park Senior Center Registration-(970) 586-2996

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